Supporting Your Employees

Supporting Your Employees

Through child care and benefits policies, employers can improve and support the work-life balance for your employees. Consider implementing these family-friendly benefits and policies. We’re here to walk alongside you every step of the way – contact Lisa Walter, MCCF Early Learning Director at 765-362-1267, or, and she will be happy to help.

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Set up (and invest in) Dependent Care Assistance Plans (DCAPs)

DCAPs are flexible spending accounts - similar to accounts used for healthcare costs. Employers and employees can both contribute to these accounts, setting aside up to $5,000 annually in pre-tax household income to offset the costs of child care. Employers typically pay a service fee for these plans, and employees use them to help pay for the care of dependents.

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Child Care Services

Employers can partner with local programs to have reserved seats at local programs.

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Supportive Scheduling Policies

Consider flextime, flexible scheduling, or working from home to allow parents to reduce child care costs or manage unexpected breaks in care due to illness or other factors.

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Brown Bag Lunches

Host Brown Bag Lunch Talks with local experts who can explain early childhood education and answer questions for your employees.

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Tips and Articles

Include tips and articles in your staff newsletters, employee website portal, etc.

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Tuition Support

Employers can offer tuition scholarships to employees whose children are in early childhood education programs, similar to the college scholarships that some employers offer. These scholarship payments are made directly to the early childhood education programs, not made through reimbursements to employees.​